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24 August
What's The Best Fence For Dogs & Why?
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If you want to provide a safe place for your dog to get fresh air and exercise you need a suitable dog fence. With the right fence, you provide an extension of your home, allowing your dog to roam free and avoid boredom. Here we explain why a sturdy wire mesh fence is the best fence for dogs.  

Wire Mesh Fences Check All the Boxes

When you consider all the qualities that make a good dog fence, wire mesh fences check all the boxes:
  • 1.They are sturdy enough to keep most dog breeds contained so they can’t get free

  • 2.They provide a good view of the neighborhood, so they avoid boredom

  • 3.Wire mesh tends to work well with dogs of all temperaments

Wire mesh is also very affordable and can be designed to suit any spot or space in your yard. Because it is flexible you can take advantage of your yard’s most awkward areas to build a unique, comfortable, safe fence for your pet.

Why Choose Wire Mesh Over Chain Link?

  If you have a very large, strong, and overly active dog, you might consider chain link over wire mesh. The chain link is stronger so is more likely to keep your larger dog contained. However, for most dog breeds, wire mesh comes out ahead. Wire mesh is much more affordable than chain link. It is also much easier to work with, so also easier to install.

You have a more creative license with wire mesh as it can be combined with different types of poles to create a very unique look. It is aesthetically pleasing and secure providing a pleasant place for your dog to spend time safely outside even when unsupervised. Wire mesh is also very low maintenance as it is resistant to rust and doesn’t require repainting or re-staining like wood.

Ideal for Dog Runs

  When space is limited, you might decide to build a dog run instead. Dog run fences provide a designated area where your dog can get exercise without risk for them getting loose. You can allow them to run free unsupervised, without concern about them digging up your garden, or ruining your lawn by going to the bathroom. If you are finding it hard to walk your dog due to mobility issues or a hectic schedule, dog runs allow you to let your dog out and safely do their business. Wire mesh is the best solution for dog runs as it is affordable and easy to install. You can also keep an eye on your dog, so you know when they are ready to come in.

The Humane Choice

  Wire mesh fences are the most humane choice for your dog. Unlike solid fences like wood and composite, they provide a nice view of the neighborhood and all the wildlife in your backyard. They allow you to keep an eye on your dog while you are inside. They do not put your dog at risk for stress or behavioral challenges like wireless electric dog fences.

Since every dog is different, there is no one fence fits all solution. However, generally speaking, a wire mesh fence offers the best solution for most breeds, personalities, and budgets.