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25 November
Strong Reasons to Erect Temporary Fencing at Construction Sites
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Construction sites are filled with hazards, costly equipment and heavy vehicle traffic that can put the community at risk. However, the costly equipment and materials stored onsite are also common targets for thieves. If you want to avoid potential lawsuits, while also taking precautions to keep your site off-limits for vandals and thieves, the best option is to erect temporary site fencing. Temporary site fencing offers the most affordable way to add a level of security and safety to construction sites. Here are strong reasons to use temporary fencing at your construction site.

What is Temporary Fencing?

Temporary fencing can be rented and installed to help restrict areas from unauthorized access. While construction site fencing is a popular reason to rent temporary fences, they are also very popular at festivals, events, and concerts to restrict entry by people who have not paid admission. They serve many purposes for both residential and commercial use and are highly cost-effective when compared to installing a permanent fence. On a construction site, temporary site fencing serves many purposes including:

  • 1.Added security
  • 2.Public safety
  • 3.Defining safe walkways for pedestrians
  • 4.Keeping out unauthorized vehicles
  • 5.Directing site traffic
They also help keep people working on the site away from high-risk areas, while helping to keep the site more organized.

Why are Temporary Site Fences Important?

There are many reasons temporary site fences should be used at construction sites including:

    1.Protecting staff and visitors: Construction sites are very busy with dangerous activities taking place at every turn. They also see ongoing traffic from both vehicles and people. Those working and visiting the site therefore need to understand where they can safely travel. Temporary fencing can be configured to define walkways and roadways, so people reduce the risk of accidents.

    2.Protecting expensive equipment: Temporary fencing adds an additional layer of security to help deter thieves from entering the site. Construction equipment and materials are extremely expensive and are perfect targets for thieves looking to make an easy dollar. Although fences are scalable, it is very difficult to take large items and expensive materials back over the fence. Wait times to replace stolen equipment and materials can be costly, while also leading to delays for work completion. Temporary fencing avoids these issues keeping things running smoothly.

    3.Protecting the community: Temporary site fencing defines entries, walkways and perimeters of a construction site keeping the public safe.

    4.Protection from vandals: Construction sites are also easy targets for vandals. It’s an easy mark to find plenty of windows to smash, walls to spray paint, and equipment to damage. Vandals can not only cause costly damage but also slow the progress of work when equipment needs replacement or repairs.

    5.Cost-effective: Temporary site fencing is highly cost-effective. Compared to the cost of boards and manpower to erect more permanent fencing, renting, and installing a temporary fence takes up far less time, materials, and staff to install.

As you can see, construction site fencing doesn’t have to be expensive. Renting a temporary site fence provides an affordable option that is safe and secure.