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4 April
Rural Property Fencing – An Extra Layer of Protection
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In this day and age, rural property owners have to protect themselves and their property from ever more brazen crooks. Temporary security fences, farm gates, and corrals add an extra layer of protection. In times of economic downturn such as these, that extra layer of protection can secure your property and livestock from becoming quick victims of rural crime. Police don’t have the resources to patrol rural properties effectively. Because of this lack of patrol, crooks target rural properties in hopes of a quick, easy score. The Covid-19 pandemic has intensified the problem and it’s not going away anytime soon. Temporary security fence panels, also known as construction fence panels, offer rural property owners and farmers with an additional way to protect themselves, their pets, their livestock, and their valued property.

Temporary construction fence rentals and sales are available by retailers online or by phone. Calgary-based Battlefield Supply Corp. specializes in supplying temporary fences, corrals, and farm gate. These fencing solutions are available for sale or rent. Battlefield Supply explains that delivery, setup, and removal of temporary fencing and corrals is quick and efficient. Not only are temporary metal fences and corrals easy to set up, but they can also be modified and expanded. Battlefield says temporary fences are typically delivered within 24 hours from the time of order. These fencing options add another layer of protection to secure your rural property.

Temporary Security Fencing and Rural Property Owner Self Sufficiency

Keeping your property, pets, and family safe is top of mind for almost every rural Alberta property owner.During this global Covid-19 pandemic, property owners’ concerns are heightened as criminals grow more desperate. Temporary security fences are 1.8 m (6’) tall, making themdifficult to scale. The mesh on the metal panels is tightly woven. This tightly woven mesh makes it difficult for thieves to reach through panels and steal property, small pets, or livestock. After installing your temporary fence, Battlefield Supply Corp. suggests clamping the fence panels together. Install gate panels at points of access and use padlocks to secure the gates closed. Taking these precautions will help keep your property and family safe.

Temporary Fencing Secures Work Animals and Livestock

Don’t let your farm animals become a victim of desperate robbers. Farm gates and light to mid-duty corrals are easy to install and provide property owners with peace of mind. By installing a temporary fence or a corral between would-be thieves or vandals and your equipment, livestock, and property, you add a barrier that acts as an extra layer of protection. Crooks would have to take the time tocut through locked gates or to scaletemporary fences to access your property. The extra security that a metal panel fence or corral provides may be enough to deter them from targeting your valuables.

Protect Your Equipment & Property During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic may be with us for a while. This pandemic has already resulted in many people losing their jobs. People without jobs have less income. People having less income contributes to an increase in theft and property damage. As crooks grow more desperate, take the time to make a call Battlefield Supply Corp, your local temporary construction fence and coral provider. Investing in a temporary fencing solution will help to protect your rural property and livestock, but more importantly, it could help protect your family and pets.