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17 March
Is It Better To Rent Or Buy Temporary Fence Panels?
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There are many situations when you might require temporary fence installation. From defining property lines during a land sale to added security at a construction site, and from special event security fencing to providing a temporary dog run, temporary fence panels can be used for endless applications. If you need to build a temporary fence it can be hard to decide if makes more sense to rent or buy the panels. Here’s how to decide which option works best for your needs.

When You Should Rent Temporary Fence Panels

Rentals offer an affordable, simple option when: You only need the fencing for a one-off situation for under six months You don’t have storage space for your fences once you are done with them You don’t want to worry about the wear and tear of the fences over the years You only need a very small amount of panels for a short period of time These situations are all best suited for affordable temporary fence rentals.

When You Should Buy Temporary Fence Panels

Even though the fencing is temporary there are many situations where buying temporary fence panels makes more sense including:
  • You are constantly in need of temporary fencing such as a construction company, land investment real estate company, events company, etc.
  • You intend to keep the fencing up for a longer period than six months
  • You have ample storage space to keep your fence panels when you aren’t using them
  • You have people available to put up and tear down your temporary fencing

  • Because these situations are longer-term and more frequent, purchasing the fencing is far more cost-effective.

    How Renting Temporary Fencing Works

    If you go the rental route, you can rent fencing on a month-to-month basis in most cases. This is why it can prove to be quite cost-effective when you only need the fencing for a short period of time. In some cases, you might even be able to do a weekly setup or even daily, but chances are you will end up paying more per linear foot. Generally, fence heights average six feet and you will require hardware such as clamps to install the panels. You can also rent panels with gates if you require entry onto the property.

    How Buying Temporary Fence Panels Works

    While you are looking at the same products essentially for your temporary fencing purchase, you will have higher upfront costs. However, you are making an investment in this case, so you need to measure the cost versus the usage you will get out of your purchase. Because you are potentially using varying amounts of panels per application, you can determine how much you need based on the average usage. You can then always rent extra panels should you find you need more every now and then.

    The bottom line is that rentals are ideal for short-term use, or when storage for panels is an issue. Purchases on the other hand are for long-term or frequent use often for companies offering services such as construction or events.