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21 June
How a Fence Can Help Stop Burglars
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When it comes to protecting your home, you want to use all the tools at your disposal. Along with good lighting, locks, and security system, adding exterior deterrents can make a big difference. Here’s how a fence can help stop burglars.

It Takes Time to Climb a Fence

Unless you have a short fence a burglar can hop over, it takes time to climb a fence. Burglars are all about quick ins and outs that allow them to enter the property, grab what they want and then leave before detection. Believe it or not, a residential break-in happens in Canada every 90 seconds. Over 80% of them happen in the day when it’s easier to spot someone up to no good. So burglars depend on things such as concealment which makes it hard to spot them and speed so they can leave quickly to make their jobs easier.

Awkward When Carrying Loot

On the flip side, even if a burglar decides to climb a fence to get onto your property, they might face challenges getting back over with their hands filled with loot. As a result, they might actually drop the loot and run if they feel they are in danger of getting caught. Fences that make it more challenging such as those that don’t offer footholds, that are too high, that have spikes or that might even look unsafe can all interfere with a burglar’s ability to take the money and run so to speak.                              

Sends a Message

A fence is an ideal obstacle. It helps send a message that this is private property. Although burglars aren’t necessarily known for their manners, they are known for casing properties before they break in. When they see things like security systems, good lighting, and tall fences, they move on and look for easier targets. The taller the fence, the less likely they are to try to enter your property, as with above, they just don’t have the time to contend with obstacles.

Solid Fences Can Backfire

Keep in mind that choosing a solid fence can backfire on your security plans. If a fence is solid, it actually offers concealment for would-be burglars. As mentioned above, burglars like homes with concealment and this could include a solid fence. Although privacy is nice, especially in your backyard where you might want to avoid nosey neighbors watching what you’re up to, solid fences in areas with side doors or basement windows could make it easier for them to enter your home undetected. Temporary Fencing
If your home is under renovations, it can become more vulnerable to break-ins. Things like an incomplete window or door installations, or areas covered with tarps where addition is underway can offer openings for would-be intruders. In this case, you might consider temporary fencing. A temporary fence rental can help keep burglars and intruders off your property. A temporary fence helps show the area is off-limits, so you might be able to reduce the risk for break-ins when your home is in disarray.