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29 July
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Summertime in Alberta means Festivals…  all kinds of events: music concerts, Shakespeare in the Park, fairs, Arts Festivals, Heritage Days, and of course, rodeos.  In any outdoor activity, various sections need to be defined to maintain organization. This is done by using temporary fencing.  The bigger the event, the more areas need to be cordoned off.  Depending on the type of event, there could be numerous areas required.  Event planners will place the different regions in the best spots for access and safety. Once a spot is designated, temporary fencing goes up to define the space and create traffic flow areas.  In many cases, it is like building a temporary mini-town.

Which Way Do We Go?

All aspects of the event are defined.  Areas are assigned, and fencing is erected to identify these areas.  Depending on the type of event, there can be numerous spaces required.

  • The Main Event – If the activity is a concert, a stage area is needed and a space for the audience. Regardless of the seating, whether it is chairs, benches or the soft green grass, the zone needs to be defined.  There also needs to be an entrance and exit.

  • Food & Beverage - In most summer festivals, there is a variety of food and drink offered. This would be separated from the main activity, so additional fencing would be required.

  • No Minors – Again, depending on the event, there may be a licensed zone and designated smoking space. These areas would be located away from the main event, especially if it is family-friendly.  In this location, not only would fencing define the spots, but privacy screens may be added as well.

  • Personal Care – Obviously, a portable washroom area will be needed. The more people at the event, the bigger this area must be. Everybody wants this on the outskirts of the other activities and cordoned off by fencing as well.

  • First Aid – Both of these services are required at any event.  A First Aid station would need easy access for paramedics to get to an area or for a patron to get to the First Aid station.  Fencing would be used to create access points for ease of movement.  The ambulance would also need to be able to leave the ground quickly, so fencing would provide the necessary space and access.

  • Security – They would have a base point of operations that could be delegated almost anywhere. However, Security staff would need to get to problem areas quickly, so traffic areas must be defined and kept clear of obstructions. Temporary fencing can be used to create entrance and exit points that are available and noticeable.

  • Parking – The bane of any event is parking. A large area is required.  Entrance and exit points are consistently busy.  Temporary fencing can be used to create the optimum flow of traffic, in and out of the event. Having attendants directing the drivers will help significantly.

Safety First

In any activity where a lot of people are expected to attend, safety must be a significant consideration.

As indicated above, temporary fencing will define areas including entrance and exit points as well as walkways for ease of movement around the venue.

In our new pandemic world, ensuring health and safety will prove to be a difficult task.  As our government opens our world in stages, large events will be coming soon.  However, maintaining social distancing and other health protocols will take considerable effort from all involved.  Defined entrances and exits are critical for this.  Walkways created to direct traffic will need to be duplicated so that people are not required to be near while walking in opposite directions.  Fencing will create these walkways as well as the required entrance/exit points.

Look for the Signs

The event has been planned, each area allocated and defined by temporary fencing.  In any large event, people will need to search out these locations.  Of course, the Event Coordinator will have placed Information Stations near main entrances to the venue and printed off maps for patrons to guide their way.  Yet, many will still get confused and frustrated.  Fencing to the rescue.  Honest.  Temporary fencing can be used to place signs.  Signs that identify an area can be placed at the entrances to that area.  But, directional signs can also be placed in advantageous spots to guide the public where they would like to go.

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