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21 May
Considerations For Temporary Fencing Around Calgary
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If you are considering renting temporary fencing in Calgary, there are a few things you should know before you commit. Whether you need the fence for security, a construction site, or to create some form of perimeter there are also some rules in the city you should know. Here are the considerations for temporary fencing around Calgary.

Accurate Measurements

Making sure you have the right height of a fence in hand with enough sections to cover the required area is important. Be certain you measure accurately so you don’t come up short, or wind up with too much fencing. You don’t want to pay for something you can’t use.


Unless you are in the middle of nowhere, you have to consider how your fence will affect your neighbors. Check your local rules to make sure you understand the implications of using a temporary fence, so you don’t end up paying a fine, or facing the wrath of a neighborhood stickler. To avoid issues, if you do have neighbors nearby, make sure you mention to them you’ll be installing the temporary fence just so they are aware it will be there. This is more of a courtesy than anything. It just helps keep the peace.

Type of Fence

A good all-around temporary fence choice is meshed metal panels. They look nice and are easy to install, while also being quite sturdy. You can also easily affix signage to the fence should you need to provide instructions, or even simply want to post “No Trespassing” warnings.


This is a biggy, especially if you think you’ll need to make changes to the fence. An easy temporary fencing system should allow you to simply slide each panel into position without too much fuss. Your fence is then easily in place and can start doing its job without delay. It also means you can save on installation by doing it yourself. If you don’t plan to install it yourself, make sure the Calgary fence rental company offers the service, as not all do.


To make sure you get a clear understanding of cost, be sure to measure accurately. This will allow you to get some quotes quickly online. Take note of any minimum requirements so you know how much you’ll pay if you should need a smaller fence.  Don’t forget to include installation if you don’t plan to install it yourself.

Understand Calgary Fencing By-Laws

Even though your fence is temporary make sure you aren’t breaking any rules. This is especially important in residential areas. To be safe keep the following measurements in mind:
     1.Backyard fences can’t be higher than 2m
     2.Front yard fences can’t be higher than 1.2m
     3.Gates can’t be higher than 2.5m
You can always make a call to the city to find out if there is anything you need to know so you can avoid being fined.

These considerations will ensure your temporary fence rental goes smoothly and you avoid issues with the local authorities or neighbors.