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21 July
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When people think of uses for temporary fencing, they usually think of barriers for construction sites and home renovations. The truth is temporary fence panels are used for a variety of tasks in a variety of ways. In this blog post, we at Battlefield Supply will discuss some of the little-known uses for temporary fences.

Weird Use #1 for Temporary Fences: Crowd Control

Okay, so most of us Calgarians have attended huge events like a Flames game or the Calgary Stampede. Crowd control at these events is a humungous undertaking. The gates, the employees, the rowdy and sometimes imbibed patrons all make for a potentially problematic situation. While your event probably won’t be as monumental in scope as these examples, temporary fence panels will definitely make the crowds at your next event easier to control

Weird Use #2 for Temporary Fences: Landscaping Projects

Calgary is a large city. In fact, it’s the largest city in Alberta and the fourth largest city in Canada. Calgary is also a very nature-friendly city with rabbits and deer aplenty within the city’s confines. This combination of man and nature makes landscaping in Calgary a bit of chore, though a welcome one. Savvy home and business owners use temporary fence panels to cordon off their landscaping projects. A temporary fence keeps unwanted critters from eating your plants while being mobile enough to allow for easy access. This style of fence is also great for keeping pedestrians safe and adds a barrier to keep tools and equipment from walking off.

Weird Use #3 for Temporary Fences: Outdoor Weddings

Nature is a beautiful venue. Two people exchanging wedding vows against a view of mountains, fields of grain, or even wildflowers heralds a lifetime of love and passion. As odd as it may seem, using temporary fencing at such events will help make the day go off without a hitch. Temporary fencing panels will guide guests to a gate where ushers will be waiting to show them to their seats. Gates can easily be decorated to augment the spirit of the day. There they will witness the ceremony and watch the happy couple exit, now bonded in holy matrimony. Similarly, temporary fencing can guide guests into the reception area for dinner and drinks. As the party carries on into the night, temporary fencing can surround a space to keep happily imbibed patrons contained while keeping uninvited guests from infiltrating the party.

Weird Use #4 for Temporary Fences: Dog Runs

Believe it or not, temporary fence panels are a fantastic way to contain your furry canine friends to a specific location within your yard. Dogs need their own space, and it may not be ideal to let them run roughshod all over your backyard. No one wants spotty dead grass. It’s unsightly. Utilizing metal fence panels will keep all of your dog’s toys, food, and excrement contained in one spot. The panels can be taken down in winter months and adjusted in size as your pup grows into adulthood.

Weird Use #5 for Temporary Fences: Temporary Pool Fencing

There are tons of accidents and close calls associated with outdoor pools. Let’s keep kids, pets, and loopy adults safe from an unwanted pool plunge. Erect temporary fencing around your pool area. You can easily set up temporary fencing around your seasonal above ground pool, or even your permanent year-round pool. Water safety should be taught to children as young as possible. However, toddlers and young children are adventurous and irascible. It would be best if you placed temporary fencing around pools at least until your children are old enough to understand how to conduct themselves around them safely.

Temporary Fence Panels Uses, Who Knew?

Thanks for taking the time to read all about some weird uses for temporary fencing. We at Battlefield Supply hope that you found this blog post informative and entertaining. Calgary, our temporary fence panels are available for purchase or rent. We will even come and set them up. Often, we can have temporary fencing delivered within 24 hours.

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