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10 September
Advantages of Temporary Fence Rental Services
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The saying, “Good fences make good neighbours” can be applied to more than just residential situations. Many scenarios present perfect opportunities where fencing could come in handy. However, often fences aren’t considered because the fence is only required for a short period of time. Here we present a few ideas of where temporary fence rental services could be put to good use, and the advantages fence rentals offer.

Unexpected Uses for Temporary Fence Rentals

Some perfect examples of unexpected uses for temporary fence rentals include:

- protect your newly installed landscaping or lawn from foot traffic

- Cordon off an area of your property that presents a temporary risk due to flooding, mud, ruts in the road, thin ice, etc.

- Self-guided tours where not all areas are open to the public

- To shut down certain areas of a park or recreation site for repairs

- To direct traffic flow at a major outdoor party or event

- To provide a temporary play area for young pets

- Creating a temporary enclosure for petting zoos

- Providing a place to hang goods at flea markets, pop-up product sales, and garage sales, etc.

- Walls to hang art at art travelling shows and galleries

- Temporary arenas for sports events

These are just a few examples where temporary fence rental services offer an easy, affordable solution.

Easy Installation and Removal

Fence rental services are designed for temporary use. As a result, they offer easy installation and removal without the need for tools, heavy lifting, or difficult adjustments. Should you need to make changes to the layout, they can be adjusted to suit your needs. This is ideal if you are managing a construction site or event where access points tend to change often. It is done quickly with little fuss or mess. Almost any configuration is possible, allowing you to create a plan suited to your site’s needs.

Increased Site Safety

Whether you need fencing at a busy construction site, an event, or to avoid trespassing on your property, temporary fencing helps increase safety. You can stop people from entering dangerous areas or areas that lack security. In the case where payment is required, you reduce risk for gate crashers to mingle freely in the crowd with the intent to steal, or even assault visitors. Construction sites with constant traffic challenges can clearly mark entry points, while warning local traffic of detours.

Additional Security Measure

Fence panels define private property, deterring intruders from entering. As mentioned above, they can be used to help avoid gate crashers at events, but fences also act as security for all types of properties. Warning signs can be posted along the perimeter of the fence, providing a more imposing line of entry to your site. You can also use fences to direct visitors to a specific entry where credentials, payment or tickets can be requested to ensure only those with authorization can enter.


The cost for materials and installation of a fence is far more expensive than simple temporary fence rental services. Even if you have a team and materials to complete the work at a construction site, the time and cost of those materials and workers eat into your bottom line.

As you can see temporary fence rental services have many applications and advantages. If you would like more information about temporary fence rental services, speak to the experts at Battlefield Supply today.