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17 October
Advantages of Installing a Dog Run Fence
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Dog runs offer a safe place for your dog to enjoy some much-needed fresh air and exercise. Runs allow pet companions to let dogs roam free without fear of them getting loose, or wreaking havoc in the garden, pool area, or outdoor living space. If you’re considering adding a dog run to your property, there are many advantages for you and your pup.

Added Safety

The number one reason you need a dog run is that it provides added safety for your pup. You can allow your dog to enjoy some exercise without the need for supervision. This is especially important in areas where:

  • - Your property is large with many areas for your dog to roam
  • - Your property is open and other dogs or animals pose a possible risk for your pet
  • - You have limited mobility but don’t want to keep your dog from staying active
  • - Your dog might be at risk of being stolen

A dog run offers peace of mind when you can’t be there to supervise their activity.

Garden Protection

Some dogs just can’t help getting into trouble. Whether your dog is a digger, has issues going to the bathroom in the wrong place, is allergic to plants in your yard, or might eat up your vegetable garden, a dog run protects your garden from the mischievous nature of little troublemakers.

Your Dog Likes to “Tunnel”

Some dogs are fence immune with the commitment to digging their way out of any situation. Dog runs can be installed with a foot or more of fence below ground so that your dog will get discouraged and just enjoy their time outside.

Health and Well Being

Sometimes, dogs suffer from boredom and lack of exercise. If you are unable to be out and about with them often enough, a dog run is the best way to ensure your four-legged friend gets enough exercise. An active dog can also wear themselves out using a dog run when you don’t have the energy to take them outside. This keeps them occupied and happy, especially when you have trouble keeping up with their activity level.

Relieves Boredom

When the weather is fine, your dog can be left outside to enjoy the summer. Instead of being cooped up inside, you can allow them to get more fresh air, avoid boredom and have a happier lifestyle. This avoids issues with dogs who tend to tear the house apart when you are out. You can include a little doghouse for them in the run so they can rest or get out of the rain should the weather change. This provides more freedom for both you and your pup.

Separates Pets from Work

If you operate a business from your property, whether it is a farm, car maintenance, carpentry, or landscaping, your dog can be kept out of harm’s way with a dog run. It also makes it more comfortable for customers to visit your business without having to contend with a barking, overly friendly dog.

Dog runs offer many benefits to both you and your chum. Most importantly, they provide safety, encourage a healthier lifestyle, and protect your property from pet-related damage.