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20 April
5 Popular Types Of Fences For Your Yard
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If you are planning to install a fence in your yard, it might be hard to decide what type of fence will work best. Here we look at five popular types of fences and when to use them.

1. Wood Fences

This is pretty much the go-to fence for homeowners looking to create a perimeter for their yards. They come in a number of choices with cedar and forms of pressure-treated wood topping the list. These fences work well if you:
  1. Wish to create a decorative fence for your yard
  2. Desire more privacy
  3. Have a reasonable budget
  4. Wish to enhance the look of your property
  5. Aren’t overly concerned with immediate maintenance issues
The wood fence is the classic fence for homeowners wanting privacy while also adding a higher-end look to their yards.

2. Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are more economical. They are far more functional than anything else making them a good choice for a few scenarios including:
  1. You want to deter trespassers from the back area of your home
  2. You need a budget-friendly option to show your property’s perimeter
  3. You are creating something more functional such as a chicken or dog run
  4. You are budget-restricted
The chain-link fence is the ideal solution for less public areas where curb appeal is not an issue. They are practical and affordable, but low on aesthetics. They are also relatively maintenance-free.

3. Steel/Aluminum Fence

Metal fences are very durable and can be used for many different applications including:

  1. Providing a safe place for pets and kids to play
  2. Creating a chicken or dog run
  3. Sturdy and secure pool enclosures and gates
  4. Temporary fencing on your property

When going for a steel or aluminum fence, keep in mind aluminum is not as good in humid conditions and requires a powder coating. In the case of steel, it is far more durable but will also require some work to keep it from rusting.

4. Vinyl Fence

If you want an alternative to high maintenance wood fences new vinyl and PVC products to offer the ultimate solution. They offer the same look like wood with none of the worries. Because of this, of course, they are also more expensive. These fences can be used for the same situations as wood fences, but as mentioned are not for those with budget challenges.

5. Wrought Iron Fence

Some would argue wrought iron fences are the gold standard of fencing. They have a very high-end look, are very secure, and offer a low maintenance option. However, they are also not good if privacy is an issue. Some ideal scenarios for wrought iron include:

  1. Security
  2. You have a Victorian home with a relatively private backyard
  3. You aren’t concerned about pets escaping through the posts
  4. You want something highly decorative
  5. You have a higher budget
  6. You want to create a charming yet secure fence for your pool

Wrought iron is the classic high-end choice ideal when privacy isn’t a concern and budget is not an issue.

There you have it. Five types of fencing for your yard to help you choose the right choice for your needs.