Battlefield Supply Corp.
Calgary Temporary Construction Fence
Calgary Temporary
Construction Fence
Battlefield Supply Corp. is here to provide short or long term temporary construction fence rentals. Our temporary fences can be modified, expanded, relocated, or reduced to fully meet your developing projects needs. We also provide temporary construction fence sales. 
Why Temporary Construction Fence?
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Our 10' construction fence rentals are assembled on site to ensure we fully meet your diverse needs. Each panel is specifically designed for strength and durability; standard height is 6'. 

Primarily utilized on construction sites, our temporary fences are also ideal for dog runs. 
Additional Benefits Include:
  • Limit loss or damage of construction equiptment
  • Secure construction sites
  • Securing Dog Runs
  • Commercial / Residential Fire Damaged Buildings
  • Helping direct large crowds
  • Contribute to workplace safety
  • Securing dangerous locations
  • Home Builders
  • Special Events